Practice Areas

Antitrust, Competition

ASYC’s Competition group is widely recognized as a leading practice, especially for its prominent antitrust litigation team, with significant expertise both in contentious and non-contentious proceedings. The group also holds experience in compliance and in mergers and acquisitions assessments. Partner Javier Velozo is considered one of the foremost Competition experts in Chile, due to the wealth of experience he gained during his tenure at the Competition Court, his sound background in economics and his academic contributions in the field.

The group represents Telefónica Group (Movistar), the main Chilean Telecom company, in a number of competition cases. In the last year, group successfully represented Telefonica in four different proceedings, including a non-contentious motion for a clarification in respect of soft regulation; a claim for alleged damages generated from anticompetitive behaviour and two lawsuits for alleged anticompetitive behaviour.

On the accused cartel side, the group is representing Eukor Car Carriers before the Chilean Competition Court in a case of alleged price-fixing in the maritime transport sector.

ASYC’s team is currently representing Embotelladora Andina (Coca-Cola) for alleged price discrimination in franchises regarding the fast-food industry.

The team is representing the Comisión Nacional de Energía (Chilean’s energy regulator) in non-contentious proceedings before the Competition Court regarding the gas distribution market.

The team also represents Multicaja, a payment card processor, in contentious and non-contentious procedures before the Competition Court, and is advising it in its presentations to the Government and Congress regarding a bill and a drafted bill to open the payment cards market.

As regards compliance, the team assists Telefonica and the National Association of Supermarkets (ASACH) in the implementation of their respective competition compliance programmes.


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