Practice Areas

Regulation and Public Policy

Our practice in Regulation and Public Policies operates at the intersection of business, economic regulation, and law, delivering strategic, regulatory and legislative advice so that our clients can successfully face the processes of regulatory reforms that affect their respective industries.
Our attorneys, legislative advisors and public policy experts make up a comprehensive and multidisciplinary body of professionals who have vast experience in providing legal advice to clients operating in the main sectors of the economy, and a thorough knowledge of the decision-making process in the Executive Branch and Congress. This allows us to provide strategic advice to our clients based on a sophisticated understanding of the complex relationships between government affairs and business. The focus of our practice in “Regulation and Public Policies” pays special attention to interest groups and associations with potential influence on public decisions that can help generate support for our clients’ positions. Our team of professionals is politically balanced and governed by the high ethical standards that distinguish Aninat Schwencke & Cía.
This set of skills are deployed in the ultimate interest of our clients, who come to Aninat Schwencke & Cía. faced with the complex legal challenges and public policies imposed by a regulatory environment in constant evolution.
Our practice in Regulation and Public Policy advises a wide range of clients, from small businesses and non-profit organizations to trade associations and large companies, both Chilean and foreign, in industries and sectors of the economy as diverse as financial, retail, securities and insurance, health services, construction, real estate, energy, water, telecommunications, concessions, international trade, consumer protection, among others.

Main Services

The services we provide in the area include, mainly, the following:

  • Design of strategies to promote the positions of our clients in the legislative and regulatory process.
  • Map of stakeholders and the strategic scenario of regulatory reforms.
  • Study of comparative regulation to identify the formulas that best serve the client’s objectives.
  • Work of approaching civil society and actors of the private sector that can help improve support to our client’s position.
  • Legislative follow-up and timely regulatory information, with periodic progress reports.
  • Preparation of minutes and other support materials to accompany the client in their participation in meetings with authorities and in legislative commissions.
  • General support to the client in the process of legislative-regulatory reforms, in management of related crises and coordination with other agencies that provide advice to the client (communications, lobby, etc.).
  • Our Regulation and Public Policy team also represents clients who face investigations from regulatory bodies of the Executive Branch and special committees of Congress. Our ability to understand and weigh the legal, economic and reputation implications of our clients that may involve high visibility public investigations allows us to develop strategies to minimize these risks.


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