Practice Areas

Tax Law

The Tax Team of ASYC has extensive experience in tax advice to national and foreign clients, covering its different areas. In particular, we focus on:
a) The permanent tax consultancy to our clients in relation to the daily operation and development of the different businesses and operations of each one of them;
b) Advising national and foreign investors guiding them in decision making;
c) The design and implementation of financing operations in Chile and abroad;
d) Evaluation and tax advice to foreign workers in Chile or Chilean workers abroad (expatriates);
e) Advice on the structuring of companies for business entrepreneurship;
f) Advice on processes of purchases and sales of companies (M&A), and in the due diligence and tax assessment processes of local companies;
g) The design, evaluation and implementation of national and international tax planning strategies, with strict adherence to current legislation and the new anti-avoidance regulations;
h) The tax optimization of payments made abroad or received from abroad through the application of agreements to avoid international double taxation;
i) The analysis and application of the Transfer Pricing rules in International Transactions;
j) The revision of corporate structures in relation to the rules of related foreign companies (Controlled Foreign Companies);
k) The study and implementation of restructuring of assets; and
l) Actively participating in the tax defense of our clients both before the IRS and the Courts of Justice.

Over the past two years, our members have been especially active in the application and implementation of the regulations contained in the 2014 Tax Reform and its multiple circulars, adapting the business structures of our clients to the new regulatory requirements, advising them in compliance with the new tax information obligations, and helping them in the evaluation and implementation of the franchises that the transitional provisions of the Reform grant to taxpayers.

While we maintain a strict policy of confidentiality regarding the clients to whom we provide our services, we are in a position to inform that, among them, all types of organizations and entities are included, including embassies, corporations, foundations, public bodies, high net worth individuals and public and private companies, including productive enterprises and service companies, agricultural companies, real estate, laboratories, metal mechanics, salmon farms, etc.

Our team is integrated by lawyers and accountants having graduated from the best universities in the country, with postgraduate studies in Chilean and foreign universities. We are also known for having a strong professional and academic presence, actively participating in the International Tax Association, the Chilean Institute of Tax Law, the Tax Commission of the Bar Association, and developing teaching activities in pre and post-graduate programs.


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