FIP Cordillera / Inmobiliaria Lo Prado Limitada

  • Advice to FIP Cordillera / Inmobiliaria Lo Prado Limitada regarding the purchase of real estate, development of subdivisions and condominiums, assignment of equipment, constitution of easements, and commercialization of homes and industrial lots in the PDUC Ciudad de los Valles, located at kilometer 12.5 of Route 68. This included negotiation with housing and municipal authorities for the development of the project, negotiation with companies supplying basic supplies, as well as the preparation of the General Regulations for Subdivisions, the regulations of all the condominiums developed in the housing sector, the regulations of the industrial sector, the preparation of the models of contracts of promise of purchase and sale, the advice for contracting with financial institutions for the financing of the project, the negotiation with the concessionaire of Route 68 for construction of an overpass and its connection with said highway, and the negotiation and preparation of contracts of sale of real estate to large companies, such as Walmart and Entel, for the installation of a distribution center and a data center, respectively.