Non-Contentious Cases before the TDLC

  • Representation of Telefónica Móviles de Chile S.A. in Proceedings on modifications to general instructions Nº2 / 2012 of the TDLC.
  • Representation of the National Energy Commission in Proceedings of determination of pricing of Metrogas S.A. and in Conadecus’ request to review a concentration operation and issue general instructions in the gas market.
  • Representation of Factor Plus in the Regulation Recommendation Proceedings in relation to the trade of pledge loans. It should be noted that these proceedings were initiated by our company and that, in them, the TDLC accepted a request to exercise its regulation proposal power for the first time, definitively recommending, to the executive branch, the repeal of the rule that prohibits individuals from the exercise of trade on pledge loans –which the state monopoly establishes on such activity at the General Directorate of Pledge Loans– and the regulation of the granting of pledge loans by individuals.
  • Representation of the Asociación de Supermercados (ASACH) in a series of consultation proceedings (Consultation submitted by the Asociación Nacional de Proveedores regarding certain behaviors of supermarket chains, consultation regarding the creation of a joint venture between Nestlé and Soprole, and consultation related to the merger of Falabella and D & S).